Dyeing to Knit Socks

By popular demand we are offering a sock dying class with Meg and Larry. You begin with a sock blank and then let your imagination go wild. The cost of the class is $35 which includes the blank in either white or a pastel color and all the materials you will need for the dying process. The class is limited to fifteen so sign up soon.

Need an Investment?

Have you ever wanted to own a yarn store? How about a yarn store with customers, inventory, no debt and in a great location? Meg and Deb are looking for someone to buy Mustard Seed Dreams with the idea of keeping it going. If you think this could be you or someone you know, give us a call at 208-233-1697 or stop by the store at 362 No. Main St. in Pocatello.

Top Down Magic Loop

The most daunting thing about making socks is realizing that you still have to make the second one. With the two at a time magic loop method you finish both socks at the same time. When you are finished you can pull them on and dance away. On the first two Saturdays in June, Claudia will show you how to accomplish this feat of sock magic. We hope you will use your newly dyed sock yarn from the previous weeks class.

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is early this year so don't hesitate to shop now for the perfect gift for your knitting or crocheting mom. If you aren't sure exactly what to get, our helpful staff is full of suggestions and ideas including gift certificates. We have knitting bags, garment accessories along with yarn and needles and knitting gear.


The Gleener


Sweater pills and fuzz balls are a fact of life. Every single one of us has experienced the disappointment – and frustration – of pulling out an almost-new knitted garment from the closet and seeing those unsightly pills. The Gleener was born out of that frustration. There are other products out there designed to de-fuzz, de-pill, de-lint — but each has it’s limitations. This is a better solution to de-pilling — all without pulls and tears, environmentally unfriendly batteries and small motor burn-out, or weird odors and gritty residue. Gleener is easy to use and is the only product on the market with three fabric-sensitive edges, so you can use it to remove pills and fuzz from almost any kind of garment. Plus — it actually works!

This Sale is Sublime

Sublime yarn and patterns are 25% off. Perfect for spring time knits, Sublime is Merino, silk and cashmere and that makes it simply delicious. We have lots of colors and a large variety of patterns.