We love to make New Yearís resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, quit a bad habit, or something else we will probably find too difficult to achieve within 30 days. As knitters, we should make resolutions, too. These will be easier to keep and lots more rewarding should you succeed. Number One : Finish what you start. If the unfinished project only has minor work like blocking or weaving in yarn ends then get to it! If itís a larger project, stop and take stock of what needs to be done. Were you bored, did you hate the yarn or the pattern? Pick it up and see if your interest is sparked. If not, then unravel it. Number Two: Learn new tricks. There is always something we havenít learned yet. Whether its fair-isle or socks, felting or cables, or the ever intimidating brioche, be willing to move out of your comfort zone this year and try something new. Even if itís a disaster, you wonít regret the effort. Youíll learn great things about knitting, yarn, needles, and yourself. Find a class or a group that is working on a new process and you will have someone to commiserate with. Last of all, knit for yourself. No one will appreciate your work more than you will. After making all of those hats, gloves, and mittens for the holidays, donít you deserve a little something to keep you warm?

Seamless January


Some people are intimidated by the idea of having to sew together all those pieces of knitting in order to finish a sweater. During the month of January in our Thursday night knitting group we will be making this beautiful bottom up cabled sweater. It has no seams! The yarn is DK and the class is free with your purchase from our store. Our goal is to get you over the hurdle of sewing and cables and to teach you how to read a chart. Be prepared to move forward with your knitting skills with this project.

Aran Sweater


Aran sweaters are both beautiful and warm. This sweater, seen being worn by Dr. Watson on the popular PBS show "Sherlock" is a combination of cables and twists and is knitted in the round. Meg will help those interested in this fun and classic sweater beginning on the second Saturday in January and continuing through the month. The pattern is a free download on Ravelry.

Anemone Hat


The Anemone hat by Cat Bordhi will be our third Saturday project. It has a Mobius cast one which is a little tricky but the rest of the hat is very simple. It requires a 60" circular needle and worsted weight yarn. You can purchase a pattern on Ravelry .

Civitan knitting group

If you are interested in joining some other individuals who are interested in doing community service, Claudia Allen is starting up a Civitan knitting group. The charter meeting will be Wednesday, January 14th at the Chamber of Commerce offices at 324 S. Main Street at 6 p.m. This meeting will be to finalize our charter and get started. Civitan is an international organization whose main focus is helping people with disabilities and making our community a better place to live. If you have any questions please contact Claudia at 241-3822.




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